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LUBLIN PL, 15-18/06/2023


Dal 15 al 18 giugno 2023 si svolgerà la 12a AETF Open European Cup a Lublino, Polonia. Qui l'invito ufficiale Age divisions: PRE-JUNIOR: 12-14 years old - Born in between 2010 and 2008 JUNIORS: 15-17 years old - Born in between 2007 and 2005 YOUTH: 18 - 21 years old - Born in between 2004 and 2001 ADULT: 18 – 35 years old - Born in between 2004 - 1987 SENIOR: 36 – 45 years old - Born in between 1986 - 1977 VETERANS: 46 years old and above - Born in or before 1976 N.B.: Competitors born in between 2004 and 2001 can take part as a youth OR as a senior, but they must decide before the registration deadline in which category they would like to participate. Mixing/changing of age divisions is not allowed! Belt division Individual and/or Team: a. Colour Belts - Blue and red belts (one division) b. Black belts - 1st ,2nd ,3rd and 4th to 6th degree, Masters, Events: a. Individual Pattern b. Individual Sparring c. Team Pattern d. Team Sparring e. Pre Arranged sparring REGISTRATION Registration of competitors, Coaches, VIPs, Supporters and others will be coordinated by the All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation. Registration for all ITF members will be done in Sportdata through ITF-Online ( Please note that there will be separate events for 12th Open European Taekwon-Do Cup and International Taekwon-Do Cup for Children. All non-competitors (for example supporters, coaches, VIPs) must be registered at the event.